Our campus is located in a nice neighbourhood, in a multicultural area of the city, close to the St. Michel metro station.

Dear students, 

Since the announcement on June 7 by the Government of Quebec and the Federal Minister of Immigration concerning the new eligibility criteria for the post-graduate work permit (PTPD) which will be in effect from September 1, 2023, our college has not stopped working almost daily with our partners and fellow members of the association of non-subsidized private colleges on new solutions to protect our current and future students. Although we know that the new measure announced has not yet been converted into decree (law), we are still optimistic, and we believe that our Association of non-subsidized private colleges will be able to negotiate a satisfactory solution for both levels. of the government and which will also protect our students.

Pending a satisfactory solution, we have decided to protect our students who have already started a program within our institution or those who will start one no later than August 31, by accelerating their program and ensuring to graduate before September 1, 2023! Please know that we are doing all possible work to protect our students and find the best solutions for them, and we will take the necessary steps to help you graduate and qualify for a work permit, legally.

For any other request or question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for your understanding!