Montreal Campus
Montreal is officially a francophone but English is also widely spoken in the city. It is also home to immigrants from around the world, and each culture has a celebrated place in this dynamic hub.

Our campus is located in a nice neighbourhood, in a multicultural area of the city, close to the St. Michel metro station. It is a fully renovated campus with state-of-the-art classrooms with smartboard technology, outlets for students to plug in their laptops, in a dynamic set up that encourages collaboration and interaction.

There is a large cafeteria space, with tables and chairs as well as armchairs and small table for students to relax. The cafeteria has 4 microwave ovens, a spacious refrigerator, a water dispenser with both hot and cold source, counters and a sink.

The campus includes a game area, with ping pong table and foosball table, lockers, and a student collaborative room with desktop computers for group work and projects. Students have access to wifi everywhere on campus and they can also congregate in various small connection spaces comprised of chairs and tables, or benches.

In total, the campus can receive some 1600 students in a comfortable and safe setting, including strong ventilation and 1-metre social-distancing if needed.