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Project Management
1-year program

Project management is a big field; one can manage projects in the world of business, technology, in the field of construction and more. These projects could be local, regional or international. Object managers and their teams work in companies of various sizes, and with colleagues with different skills (IT, construction, etc.) The need for technicians in project management is very high, locally, and globally.

Our program prepares students for the job of Project management technicians. These are the technicians who provide support in the management of a project. For example, in the construction industry, they can help prepare a quote, follow up with various engineers involved in the project, ensure the proper preparation of the documents necessary to execute the work on a certain day, etc.

 In community organizations, they can ensure the implementation of a project for which an organization has obtained funds, compliance with the rules that surround it, the measurement of its performance, etc. In the business world, project management technicians will prepare the necessary documentation, implement new services, ensure compliance with the rules laid down for the project, etc. In short, project management technicians provide support for the organization of the concerned projects.

Career Profile

Project management technicians provide in-house support for project management.  They are assigned to specific projects. Their tasks may be more organizational, particularly in the field of construction, involving customer service (partners, clients targeted by the project), require the preparation of documents (quotes, specifications, procedure manuals, etc.), involve follow-up (with customers, employees associated with the project), ensure compliance with the established framework (bids, rules for execution of the project / the implementation of the new service), imply a follow-up of the execution of the various planned tasks and may affect the evaluation of the execution of the project. The execution of tasks is part of the life cycle of project management.

Project management technicians can be found in different sectors of economic activity. They are found in construction (construction of new works or buildings), in IT (creation of new software), in business management (implementation of a new service) or in community organizations (implementation of a new program).

Main Functions

Project management technicians perform some or all the following duties:

  • full support to the project manager throughout the project life cycle;

  • participate in the planning of the project;

  • help track project schedule;

  • participate in the management of project budget;

  • participate in the quality control of the project;

  • collaborate in the management of project communications;

  • help identify and manage project risks;

  • contribute to procurement management;

  • participate in the final assessment of the project;

  • participate in document management.

Employment Prospects

The college believes employment prospects in the field are good, having found more than 70 project management jobs in Google as of mid-July 2019 on a one-day search.

Program Type

The Project Management ACS is a developmental program aimed at people who already have previous training and who wish to further develop essential skills in project management. Project management applies to a large number of areas (IT, construction, community, etc.)

Specific Conditions of Admission

Have training of at least 600 contact hours or experience deemed sufficient.

Documents for Admission
  • Admission form (online form)
  • Payment of $50 CAD, non-refundable, for file review and $200 CAD Registration fee ($250 CAD payable through Flywire or Credit card – see form in Application section)
  • Copy of Passport Name Page
  • Language proficiency test result (IELTS 5.5 or higher or equivalent)
  • Copy of required high school diploma (others diploma when applicable)
  • Copy of birth certificate translated into French or English by a certified translator indicating the place of birth and the names of the parents.

Admission Requirements

A person who has training deemed sufficient by the college and who meets one of the following conditions is eligible for a program of studies leading to an attestation of collegial studies:

  1. has interrupted her full-time studies or pursued full-time post-secondary studies for at least 2 consecutive sessions or one academic year;

  2. Is covered by an agreement between the college and an employer or benefits from a government program;

  3. Interrupted his/her full-time studies during one semester and pursued post-secondary studies full-time during one semester;

  4. Holds a vocational studies diploma..

Program Goals

Graduates of our project management course will:

  • Know how to manage a project according to the different phases of the project management cycle

  • Differentiate between team or business management and project management

  • Know how to produce project documentation (plans, final report, etc.)

  • Know how to plan a project (different plans)

  • Know how to use project management tools

  • Know how to take corrective measures and control the execution of the project

  • Know how to close a project and transfer responsibility for its product

    Program Competencies




    To manage a project


    To use and adapt management methods and tools


    To initiate a project


    To plan a project


    To use a computerized workstation


    To control the execution of a project


    To contribute to an integrated approach to quality


    To analyze the flow of information within the enterprise regarding project management


    To close a project

Program Courses
Course Hours

Management Theory



Project Management






Project Management Tools I



Project Management Tools II



Project Management Tools III



Project Management Setup



Project Planning



Implementation, monitoring and control



Project Management Closure






Final Project